Achieve Miracles in Life with Sahasrara Crown Chakra Therapy


The seventh chakra is called the Crown chakra and the original Sanskrit name is Sahasrara. The translation of Sahasrara is ‘thousand-fold’. The Crown chakra is depicted as a lotus flower with a thousand white leaves, the symbol of infinity and tuned into the highest form of consciousness and the divine.

This chakra is located on the crown of the head and spreads out upwards in a cone like way. The seventh chakra is connected to the pineal gland in the endocrine system. The Crown chakra is our connection to the Universe, just like the Root chakra is our connection to Mother Earth. It is also the centre where we connect to the Divine. The life lesson of this chakra is expression of gratitude.

If this chakra is blocked, you may feel frustrated and have destructive thoughts. Also, a lack of joy originates in the Crown chakra. Physical problems connected to a blockage in this chakra are migraine, problems with the central nervous system, memory problems and epilepsy.

This is the BIG one. The Crown chakra stands for wisdom and being at one with the world. When open you will show no prejudice and be very aware of the world and yourself. If underactive you will not be very spiritually aware and possibly quite rigid in your thinking. If overactive you could be too addicted to spirituality to the extent that you ignore your other needs. You may also over-think things.

The issues of the crown chakra are understanding, thought and the connection of the individual self with universal creation. We see divinity in all matter; here we liberate the spirit without getting lost in the infinite or astral level by retaining a home in our body through grounding.

Location: Top/Crown of the head.

Glandular Connection: Pineal Gland.

Associated Organs:

Issues around the crown chakra mainly affect brain and skin. Physical malfunctions include migraines, brain tumors, amnesia, vitiligo and cognitive delusions.

Balanced Crown Chakra:

If you meet a person with a magnetic personality, someone who can achieve “miracles” in life, you know that you are standing in the presence of a person with a balanced crown chakra. You will find that knowing has replaced beliefs, as the crown is where we hold on to our belief system. An awakened crown chakra person will question any and all of our beliefs, constantly expanding the level of self-awareness and self-reflection. They also have the ability to surrender to their love for all life and the divine; they are at peace with themselves.

Over-Active Crown Chakra:

This does not mean a full and open but a crown chakra spinning erratically and with too much energy. This can express itself in intellectualizing and disconnection from the body. It can also lead to fanaticism and spiritual addiction like running after gurus, evangelical preaching and a sense of unrealized power. They can easily be overwhelmed by too much incoming information, not knowing what to do, leading to episodes of psychotic or manic depression.

Under-Active Crown Chakra:

The under-active crown chakra is closed down and makes it difficult for the person to take in and retain new information, learning difficulties, spiritual cynicism, closed to new ways of thinking and feeling hopeless and discontented. They are ruled by the unconscious, where patterns repeat again and again without being transformed by the conscious awareness of the crown. You will encounter many limiting beliefs and spiritual scepticism.

Energetic Healing of The Crown Chakra:

Healing involves meditation, expression of gratitude and releasing limiting beliefs.

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