Dynamic Divine Devices Subscription Plans


  • for money, food grains and attainment of high goals
  • for removal of obstacles
  • for desire fulfilment
  • for riches and preserving acquired money
  • improve your impression on others through affection and friendship and attracts success, prosperity and fulfill desires
  • brings riches, abundance, good fortune, prosperity, spiritual progress and success in all realms of life
  • brings courage, wealth and desirable outcomes and increases flow of money
  • provides riches and protects from negativity and adversity
  • ensures wealth inflow stays forever
  • removes difficulties and worries from life and brings prosperity, peace, happiness and bliss
  • helps attract customers, increase business and profits and attract wealth, prosperity and fortune
Subscription Options


  • to remove negativity, illness and misfortune
  • for improving health, preventing disease and protection from untimely death
  • to empower learning, increase wisdom and devotion to God
  • for mind power and protection
  • provides protection from mishaps and victory from opponent especially in legal matters and competitions and gives overall success
  • provides spiritual growth, good health, material wealth and comforts and protection from negative energies, enemies and bad influences
Subscription Options


  • for improvements in learning, wisdom, grace and talents in education & arts
  • for purifying the mind and ensuring good progress in life
  • for auspicious beginnings and removal of obstacles
  • bestows excellence and success in education
  • brings good fortune and victory over enemies and removes difficulties and helps fulfill desires
  • bestows good luck, wealth and gives protection from mishaps and negative influences
Subscription Options


  • to negate the malefic effects of planet Moon and gain respect
  • for strengthening a weak Jupiter and getting blessings for self confidence and growth
  • to negate the malefic effects of planet Ketu and gain all round support and success
  • to negate the malefic effects of planet Rahu and gain luck
  • to propitiate an afflicted Saturn and achieve good decision making
  • for worshiping the Sun and attaining glory, inner radiance and power
  • to negate the malefic effects of planet Mars and for stability in personal and professional growth
  • to negate the malefic effects of the planet Venus and bring beauty, respect, attraction, mental peace, luxury and spousal love
  • to negate the malefic effects of planet Mercury and provide memory, intelligence and protection from adversaries, weakness, addictions and mishaps
Subscription Options

IMPORTANT: To subscribe for the above services, we would require your passport size photographs for individuals or company name/business cards for businesses. Please contact us before subscribing to the above services as availability is very limited and subject to approval on a case to case basis due to high demand.