The Root Cause of Your Money Troubles And The Solution

root chakra

This is the place where your red base root chakra is located, the energy center governing how safe and secure you feel in this world. It is fed by the hundreds of thoughts you think daily, which are being influenced by everything from the morning news to cellular memory dating back to when your grandparents experienced The Great Depression.

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This red base root chakra, like all your chakras, projects in front of you a movie screen like lens through which you view and create your reality. If it is filled with worry based on beliefs like ‘I never have enough money’, “I will never have enough money’ and ‘The world is going downhill” then guess what? You will always feel like you never have enough money (even when you do) as your lens is highlighting all that you don’t have rather than focusing on the abundance that you do have (in the many forms that you have it!) Furthermore, because you are blocking yourself from looking at the positive, you are less likely to attract potential opportunities and doorways that would lead to more abundance, creating a self-perpetuating downward financial cycle. If this sounds like you, reversing it is simple – although not always easy! Become conscious of the thoughts you are thinking and change them.


When the red base root chakra is polluted by negative thoughts, and by the negative emotions that come from this kind of thinking, you can literally feel it in your body and may even experience physical symptoms. The red base root chakra governs the large intestine, perineum, pubic bone, coccyx, legs, teeth, feet and bones. When it is not balanced it can manifest as constipation, hemorrhoids and other dysfunctions of the bowels, the lower back, base of spine, legs and feet, disorders with bones and teeth, general poor health and a lack of vitality and energy all point to a blocked base chakra.

Location in body

At the base of the spine

When your Muladhara Chakra is closed

You feel you have to constantly struggle to survive and achieve stability in life. You are emotionally needy and always looking for safety and security in groups. There is never enough money, you hate your body and feel you are not good enough the way you are.

When your Muladhara Chakra is opened

You have a strong connection with your family and/or friends that are like family to you and as a result feel wanted and loved, you feel like you belong, you are content with your body and are confident with money, managing it well and always having enough for what you need and want.

Blocked by

Living in a fantasy world and not being grounded and practical. Constantly polluting mind with thoughts of not being supported or not having enough money. Being lazy and avoiding critical issues to be faced in life.

Symptoms of blockage ( you may exhibit one or more of these )

Mental  lethargy,  “spaciness”,  incapable  of  inner  stillness,  emotional instability,  feelings  of  isolation.  Malfunctioning may cause bladder & prostrate problems, lower back pain, varicose veins, obesity or pain in legs/feet/knee/bone/ankles.


Stability in career/personal life, wealth and assets.

Unblocked by

You become practical and grounded, stand on your own feet and start facing reality.

Meditation To Heal The Chakra

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Let the tips of your thumb and index finger touch. Concentrate on the Root chakra at the base of the spine. Chant the sound LAM.

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Do for 10 minutes daily and feel the sensation of awakening of the root chakra. You can also listen to this audio of this mantra chant. Best is to chant while listening to this audio.

For a powerful cleansing and empowering of this chakra, you may use these proven ancient tools that are ISO 9001 certified to hasten the process.

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Release limiting beliefs

I release laziness from every cell of my body

I release fear of facing critical issues in life

I release delaying of work

I release day dreaming and fantasizing

I release the belief that I am not supposed to be here

I release the belief that I can never get ahead

I release the belief that I can never get well

I release the belief that I am different from others

I release the belief that I should end relationships to avoid being deserted

I release the belief that I have lack of bonding as family

I release the belief that I cannot survive

I release the belief that I am undeserving

I release the belief that I am fat or ugly

I release the belief that my body is not right

I release the fear that everyone in my family has health and weight problems

I release the fear of living hand to mouth

I release the fear of not having enough money

I release the belief that others are threatened by my power

I release the belief that other people’s power is a threat to me

I release the feeling of being disempowered

I release the feeling of being guilty if I put myself first

I release the feeling of being a victim

I release the fear of being betrayed

I release the fear that my family is not good enough

I release the belief that I am judged by my family

I release the fear that I am not chosen

I release the fear that I am not wanted

Helpful Affirmations Below

Thank The Universe

Doing work and facing issues in life helps me solve everything / I am ready to do all work / I will finish my work on time / I am grounded and practical / I am guided and inspired / I am worth it / I am enough / I am chosen / I count / I am free to create differently than my family/ I am royalty / I am God’s gift to this world / I am secure / I am rich in all areas of my life / Life flows gracefully and easily for me / I am healthy/I am wealthy / I am involved and powerful / I am connected / I am grounded in truth / We are all safe to be powerful / I am connected to God and receiving personal empowerment / I start and complete things easily / I am free of DNA and family patterns that have kept me stuck / I am true identity / I contribute to a united, loving, peaceful family life / Life loves me and I love being here / I am safe to all that I can be / I am safe in relationships / I am creating healthy relationships / I am wanted / I am chosen / I am receiving my good now / I am rich in all areas of life / I am noticed for the good I contribute / I am welcomed here / I am experiencing heaven within me / I am experiencing a positive connection to God / I am anchored in the light.

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