How To Develop Your Personal Power By Empowering Your Manipur Solar Plexus Chakra

Do you feel totally in control of your life or are you feeling helpless and hopeless, at the whim of external forces around you? Are you in the driver’s seat of your life or do you feel pushed and pulled in all directions by people who think they know the direction that’s best for you? Do you find yourself saying yes when you wish you had the courage to say no and no when you really wish you had the confidence to say yes?

If you feel you need a boost to your sense of empowerment and want to tap into your warrior energy, then look no further than your yellow solar plexus chakra.


It is no accident that whenever someone doesn’t treat us very well, saying or doing something that hurts us, we feel as if we have been punched in the stomach. Our solar plexus, governing our sense of boundaries and inner power, is located at the centre of our torso. It is this chakra that most of us feel physically. Have you ever not wanted to do something but are feeling pressured or just known someone is lying to you and felt a knot in this area? Your solar plexus is literally reacting to the fact that someone is not respecting you and your truth and on some level you are letting them affect your energy.


When this chakra is balanced, we feel very centered with a strong sure sense of who we are. We have the courage to say “No thank you, that is not for me” when a social invitation, job or behaviour within a relationship doesn’t feel right, without worrying about what the other person (or our family, society, colleagues etc) might think of us. We have the confidence to say yes when a new opportunity comes our way that is likely to take us out of our comfort zone. We aren’t afraid to take leaps of faith and even when we do feel fear we jump anyway, trusting that we will be okay.


When this chakra is out-of-balance, we have a tendency to live life like a punching bag doll, with our emotions being a constant reaction to what other people do and don’t do, say or don’t say. We find it very hard to be assertive and make decisions, too often relying on the opinions of others. We regularly attract those who tell us what we ‘should’ do and find ourselves in relationships where we play the passive role to a dominating partner.


Health wise, we may experience digestive and eating disorders, ulcers, issues with our stomach, liver, pancreas or gallbladder, hypoglycaemia, diabetes, hypertension, muscular disorders, chronic fatigue or tenderness in solar plexus area. Any of these conditions can indicate that you don’t feel like you have power over your life and have developed a habit of giving it away.

When Your Manipura Chakra is ClosedYou feel like a victim in the world and often feel powerless relative to other people and circumstances. You will be overly concerned with what people think about you. You suffer from low self-esteem, low self-confidence and low self-respect. You give your power away to others as you feel this is necessary to keep peace in relationships. If this chakra is overactive, you will have the tendency to be aggressive and the need to be in control at all times.
When Your Manipura Chakra is OpenedYou have a strong sense of your own power and how to use it in healthy ways. You admire others with power and influence and choose to emulate people who are using their personal power to make a difference in the world. You want to use your power and influence for good in the world.
Blocked ByHaving suppressed anger / grudges or painful memories of past which you refuse to let go. Constantly worrying about future and feeling powerless.
Symptoms of Blockage
(you may exhibit one or more of these)
Loss of self-esteem and anger arising from sense of victimization. Affects pancreas and adrenals. Problems with liver, digestive tract and gall bladder. Person suffers from constipation, acidity, hypertension, chronic fatigue and gut ailments. Diabetes and skin ailments are also due to blockage in this chakra.
AssociationsWealth, Power and Status.
Unblocked When• You let go of past and live moment by moment
• You are not intimidated by power over you
• You can remain within your own power when others are trying to have power over you
• Able to recognize when you’re being taught, guided and served when you’re having someone of authority over you.



Put your hands before your stomach slightly above the Navel. Let the fingers join at the top, all pointing away from you. Cross the thumbs. It is important to straighten the fingers.

Concentrate on the Navel and chant the sound RAM.


Do for 10 minutes and feel the sensation of awakening of the manipura chakra. You can also listen to this audio of this mantra chant. Best is to chant while listening to this audio.

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I release belief that I lack in power

I release belief that I lack physical energy

I release belief that external world has power over me

I release all past grief, resentments and stored pain from every cell of my body

I forgive myself for anything and everything I did out of ignorance

I forgive all those people in the past who have hurt me due to ignorance or weakness

I release the feeling that I am unable to take in sweetness

I release feelings of being lonely

I release feelings of being miserable

I release fear that I am unable to move forward

I release fear that I lack courage to take risk

I release inability to honour myself

I release fear that I am dependent

I release fear that I can’t take care of myself

I release all self-doubts from every cell of my body

I release fear that I am undeserving

I release feeling of being guilty

I release fear of others’ thoughts about me

I release feeling of being wounded and hurt

I release feeling of being helpless and know I can change situations

I release fear of being rejected

I release fear that nothing works out for me

I release belief that I can’t forgive

I release pattern of always putting myself down

I release fear that others will put me down

I release the need to be noticed

I release the pattern of being stuck in recreating my pain over and over

I release the feeling that I am invisible

I release the feeling that I am easily offended

I release the feeling that I am deprived

I release the belief that I can’t trust myself

I release the belief that I am unworthy of inspiration

I release the belief that I am undeserving of God’s support

I release the feeling of discouragement from every cell of my body

I release the pattern of self-sabotage

I release the feeling of disliking myself

I release the pattern of self-destructive behaviours

I release patterns of fighting myself


Thank The Universe

I am powerful / I am using my power wisely / I am deserving / I have high self-esteem / I deserve joy and happiness / I am creating my thoughts about myself and my life / I am light hearted / I have the ability to take in the sweetness of life / I am moving forward with my life / I deserve to be all that I can be / I am worthy of God’s time and support / I have value / I am fulfilled / I am myself in the present moment / My needs are as important as others / I give myself permission to use my power / I am creating a satisfying life / I am one success after another success / I am healing / I am vibrant / I am experiencing / Others are interested in what I have to say / I am confident and secure / I give myself permission to be happy / All is well / I deserve inner peace / Loving others is easy when I love and accept myself / I love who I am and I assert my power wisely / I get things done / I am relaxed / I get it done now / I am creating completion in perfect timing / I am attracting the help I need / I am love / I am positive / I am open to new ways of doing things / I am happiness /I am forgiving of myself and others / I am what I think I am

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