Finding True Love with Anahata Heart Chakra Therapy

Finding True Love with Anahata Heart Chakra Therapy - image Anahata-Heart-Chakra on

Location: Centre of chest, at end of sternum.

Finding True Love with Anahata Heart Chakra Therapy - image Anahata-Heart-Chakra-Position on

This beautiful chakra is all about love, kindness and affection. When open, you will be friendly and compassionate and will foster harmonious relationships. If under-active, you will be cold and distant and if overactive, you will be overbearing in the love department.

The spiritual lessons Anahata wants to teach us are about compassion, forgiveness, trust and unconditional love. A fourth chakra that is too open will lead a person into being too giving; generous to a fault. If it is too closed, it may lead a person into lacking compassion and empathy. One needs to strike the perfect balance between self-love and the love of others.

The Heart or Fourth Chakra governs life lessons involving love and compassion, self confidence and self acceptance, inspiration and hope, generosity and on the flip side, feelings of despair, hate, envy, fear, jealousy and anger. Information stored in the Heart Chakra includes the connections or “heart strings” to those we love. An imbalance in the Heart Chakra may be felt as a lack of self discipline, difficulty in relationships, attempts to live vicariously through others and depending on someone else for your happiness.

Balanced Heart Chakra:

Present in a person capable of true compassion and unconditional love. There is a healthy level of self-acceptance and compassion for oneself as well as for others. This person also desires a spiritual experience in lovemaking. They display an altruistic and empathetic nature and generally have an excellent immune system.

Overactive Heart Chakra:

When the heart chakra spins too fast or is too open, the effects are that of distorted form of loving relationships, i.e. conditional love or possessiveness. It might also manifest in manipulative behaviour such as emotional withholding to “punish” or being overly dramatic in relationships. We will also find co-dependency, jealousy and needy cravings for connection, inability to establish healthy boundaries or failing to see when a relationship is abusive.

Under-Active Heart Chakra:

The blocked heart chakra prevents love from being allowed in which results in the lack of self-love and feelings of unworthiness and self-pity. Out of fear of rejection come attitudes of loving too much or unrealistic expectations like the knight in shining armour, etc. We often find attitudes of self-righteousness, blaming the other person, judgmental and dwelling on the failures of past relationships. Emotional states include being unforgiving, still being stuck in anger at past betrayal, fear of intimacy, loneliness, depression and grief.

Illnesses Associated with The Heart Chakra:

Physical manifestations of malfunctioning heart chakra include all the heart conditions such as congestive heart failure, palpitations, high blood pressure etc. The same applies to any condition of the lungs such as bronchial pneumonia, tuberculosis, asthma, lung cancer and breast cancer as well as allergies and chest congestion.

Energetic Healing of the Heart Chakra:            

The main issues in healing the heart chakra are finding self acceptance and the ability to forgive. Working on healing relationship cords as well as inner child healing and some explorations into past lives helps to release much of the astral debris that is clogging up the heart chakra. The client can also support this healing process by practicing meditation and generosity and opening up to the possibility of finding forgiveness for themselves as well as for others.

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