Vishuddha Throat Chakra – Speak Your Truth and Liberate Yourself


The original Sanskrit name for the throat chakra is Vishudda. Vishudda means ‘purification’ or ‘cleansing’. The throat chakra is depicted as a sixteen leafed lotus flower containing an inverted triangle that represents speech and in turn contains a full moon.

This chakra is situated between the third and fifth neck vertebra and opens towards the throat. The throat chakra corresponds with the thyroid and parathyroid in the endocrine system. The throat chakra is the centre of communication/speech but also hearing and listening are controlled by this centre. The life lesson taught by this chakra is self-expression and the power of choice.

If this chakra is blocked, you may feel insecure and weak and not able to word your emotions. Physical problems related to this chakra are: thyroid disorders, sore throats, back aches, ear infections, cold hands and feet, chronic diseases and auto immune disorders.

Location: Centrally at the base of your neck.

Glandular Connection: Thyroid and Parathyroid

Associated Organs:

Blockages in the throat chakra manifest in all the parts of the neck especially the throat, mouth, teeth and gums. This also includes the oesophagus, trachea and the neck vertebrae. It also includes the endocrine glands of the thyroid, parathyroid and the hypothalamus.

Balanced Throat Chakra:

The voice of a balanced throat chakra will be rhythmic and resonant, clear with precise expression, a good communicator, contented and who finds it easy to mediate. Their creativity flows freely in their artistic expression and they find it easy to express their truth. They have the ability to make decisions and once made are able to follow their dream.

Overactive Throat Chakra:

The voice in an overactive throat chakra will be shrill and loud; they will often interrupt and domineer conversations. The general attitude is often judgemental and criticising with a distinct lack of listening to others or letting information in. They are not in touch with their feelings and are staying safe by intellectualising and analysing avoiding the vulnerability of feelings.

Under-Active Throat Chakra:

The under active throat chakra produces a constricted, whispering voice, often mumbling and whiny, timid and not able to speak up for themselves. This person will find it difficult to initiate a conversation, as if they don’t have the right to ask a question. They will often forget to tell you something important, and they cannot find the words to express their emotions.

Illnesses Associated with The Throat Chakra:

The throat chakra expresses its lack of balance in the form of any throat problems like laryngitis, raspy throat, chronic sore throat and goitre as well as swollen glands. The area around the mouth can often be affected by mouth ulcers and other gum diseases like gingivitis or tooth abscesses.

Energetic Healing of The Throat Chakra:

Being the instrument of our sound creation, the throat chakra responds deeply to healings with sound and to music like Tibetan meditation bowls and chanting. Being able to be heard at a very deep level can be very therapeutic. Healing of the throat chakra can be done by using their voice in singing and chanting or even reading poetry or any other form of expressing through words like drama and acting.

Learn How To Heal Your Vishuddha or Throat Chakra

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