Swadhisthana (Sacral) Chakra – The Chakra That Rocks Your Sex

This chakra is located between the navel and the base of the spinal cord and holds the ‘chi’ or energy of creation, around the area of the spleen. It controls the sexual organs and manifests joy, compassion, sensuality and creativity. This chakra also can affect the lower back, lower digestive organs and urinary system. It is a strong link to our mother’s womb. Unbalanced, it produces fear of living, worthlessness and resentment. Balanced, it expands our desire to form relationships and live with sensitivity.

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Chakras And You


Chakras are well know among the new age community, but the nature of chakras is often not that well understood. The text presented here is an attempt to shed more light on this issue.

The chakras in the human body are related to specific energies and consciousness, to endocrine glands, colors and psychic features. It is not always obvious to look for a linear connection between these systems, because the whole is more than the sum of the parts. If we tear out one part in order to analyze it, we might forget what its function is in relation to the whole. We can dissect a human body based upon the different biological systems or upon the different organs or upon the different cells but this would not explain a living being. Be aware that every explanation of the chakras is an approximation of what they really are. The following can help you to better understand what they are and how they function.

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